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Signs To Watch Out For When You Suspect A Termite Infestation

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There is little that's more damaging than having termites in your home. The insects have mastered the art of hiding in the cold and dark corners of the house. Once they hibernate, they can eat every part of your home that contains cellulose until they bring it down to its knees. It would be best if you considered hiring an exterminator immediately after noticing signs of their presence in your home. Here are some guidelines on noticing termite presence and the parts of your home they affect. 

Signs that You Have Termites

You will know if you have termites when you see mud tubes and wood damage in your house. Typically, it is the subterranean termites that make mud tubes. They create them as a protection measure against predators. They also make the tubes because they help maintain a moist environment where they thrive. The presence of mud tubes inside the house means you have a nest nearby. The only way to handle the problem is to remove the nest.

You might also notice damage to the wooden parts of your home. Termites usually occupy a place in colonies that contain thousands of them. While one might seem incapable of causing any real damage to your home, having hundreds or thousands of them will hollow out wooden parts of the house in no time. 

Ways to Tell that You Have a Nest

It is also easy to tell when you have a termite nest close to your home, and early indicators include discarded wings. They show the insects had a mating period between the swarmers and that they are moving into a colony. If your doors and windows start sticking, it indicates that the termites have been underground for a while. With time, they will disfigure the doors and windows in your home. 

Parts of the Home to Check for Termites

The main parts of the house to check for termites include attics, yards, and the basement. The attic is an ideal location to inspect because it is dark and crowded. Wood piles and chips in the yard also attract the termites in your yard. Also, check decks and basements because they are in direct contact with the ground.

Calling the termite control services is the ideal way to handle any early signs of a termite infestation in your home. They can assess and determine the perfect way to eliminate their presence and prevent further damage.