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Is Your Home Infested With Termites? 4 Signs You Should Not Ignore

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As a homeowner, your primary worries about safety in your home include weather and pest damage. However, very few homeowners think about the process of termite infestation and how much damage it can cause to their homes. Often, you won't discover you have been dealing with the menace until after the damage is beyond control. You can avoid spending too much on repair processes if you are keen on early signs of infestation. Here are four early indicators you should never ignore. 

The Presence of Swarmers

Swarmers are typically the first indicator that your home might have termite damage. You will notice the tiny insects flying around particular corners of the house, looking for a mate. Typically, they are black or brown, and their wings are white. When the termites find their mate, they create a colony where most of the damage begins. They might resemble white ants, but their body is more clearly segmented. You should call in a pest control expert when you notice this early on, as it could help prevent the pests from ruining your home's structural integrity. 

Galleries Around the Home

Galleries are another indicator that your home has termites. As the termites eat through the wooden structures in your home, they will create tunnels, also known as galleries. You might not notice missing pieces of wood from your house. However, galleries are your signal to call the exterminator and resolve the infestation. 

The Wood Gets Thin and Hollow

Thin and hollow wood is another indicator that your home could have termite damage. The insects typically eat the wooden structures from the inside out. It makes it close to impossible to tell when the damage is happening. However, if you tap on the wooden parts inside your home and notice that they are hollow instead of solid, it is time to invest in proper termite control measures. 

The Presence of Frass Around the Home

Frass is the feces of the termites. You will notice heaps of it in the corners of the home where the tiny invaders usually hide. After eating the wood and other organic parts of the house, termites defecate and push the waste out of their colony. You might also notice it on window sills, door frames, and baseboards.

Call a pest control service immediately if you notice these signs of termite trouble in your home. They will help you remove the vermin efficiently and protect your home from future infestation.