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5 Ways Cockroaches Can Find Their Way Into Your Home

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Cockroaches are generally associated with filth, therefore, you would not wish to see any of them running around your house since their presence paints an unpleasant picture. However, it generally takes more than a slightly unkempt house or occasionally unwashed dishes for these pests to infest your home. Below are a few other ways your home may be vulnerable to cockroaches without your knowledge:

Leftover Pet Food

If you have a pet who has a habit of not finishing their food, you should ensure that the food is not left there until morning. Otherwise, you may be inviting cockroaches to your home. You would be surprised to see the number of roaches feasting on the pet food if you happen to switch on the lights suddenly. To help prevent this, ensure that you throw away the leftovers as soon as your pet is satisfied, and remember to rinse the bowl.

Your Location

Unfortunately, you may deal with constant cockroach infestations depending on your location. For example, the southeastern United States has a relatively high cockroach population. Furthermore, these palmetto bugs can invade your home whether it is clean or not. In addition to hiring professionals for regular pest extermination, you should also cover all spaces through which the pests are likely to enter. It would also help to avoid keeping your door open unnecessarily.

Your Neighbors

You might also be dealing with a cockroach infestation because of your neighbors, especially in apartment buildings. If your neighbor is not maintaining cleanliness, their homes may be roach-invested, and these pests can also move into your home. In such cases, you need to inform the apartment manager so that pest extermination services are hired, and the root of the problem is addressed to prevent re-occurrence.

If Your Home's Interior is Accessible Through Holes and Crevices

Roaches need food, shelter, and water to survive, and since your home has all these, they look for any available opening to get in. Therefore, if your wall or floor has cracks, these crevices can act as the pests' entry points. Accordingly, in addition to pest eradication, it is a good idea to have all holes and cracks sealed to prevent re-infestation.


In addition to dark places, cockroaches also seek out moist spaces. So, leaky or moist areas such as under sinks, basements, and standing water outside your home should be dealt with immediately. Anything that encourages mold growth also attracts roaches and thus should be treated as an emergency.

It can be frustrating when you do all you can to keep your home free from pests but notice them anyway. Fortunately, a pest control exterminator can help eradicate roaches and keep them away.