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Signs You Have Termites In Or Around Your Home

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As a homeowner, you want to take the proper precautionary steps to protect your investment. One problem homeowners find themselves needing to battle is the presence of pests within their homes or upon their properties. Termites cause severe damage to structures, making it necessary to eradicate them as soon as they are noticed. Here are some signs that indicate you may be dealing with a termite problem.

Wood Does Not Seem Sturdy

Termites barrier themselves within wood planks or beams inside of the home. They gnaw about the cellulose contained within the wood, leaving behind fine dust that you may notice upon floors, window sills, or furniture near areas where wood has been compromised. If you notice sawdust anywhere in or around your home, conduct a test of any nearby wood to determine whether it may indeed be harboring termites inside. If the wood sounds hollow, there is a chance these pests are present.

Visible Body Portions Are Noticed

Termites in large numbers will cause some of the insects to become injured every now and again. If you notice dead insects or wings within or around your home, make it a priority to be on the lookout for further evidence of a potential problem. If termite body parts are noticed more often than not, this is a good indication your home is at risk for damage from these insects. It is best to contact a pest control service that specializes in termite control tactics to evaluate your property and home for you.

Termites Are Contained In Traps

Many homeowners do not wish for termites to invade their structures, so they perform proactive steps in controlling problems before they begin. This usually involves the use of termite bait traps to contain any insects so they are unable to make their way to structures. The traps are set up around the perimeter of a home, in the ground. Bait is placed inside of a tube that termites are able to access. The bait is brought back to lairs where termites live and then shared with the entire colony. The bait will then kill the termites in the ground.

If you check the traps periodically to add bait, you may notice termite remnants along the holed portions of a tube. This means termites are indeed present in the ground around your home. To further protect your house, place additional traps on your property or contact a pest control service to assess your home to determine if the insects made their way to the interior.

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