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Got A Skunk Under Your Home? 2 Tips To Get It Out

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If it is winter in your area, you may have a skunk under your home. This is because skunks like many animals look for warm areas to stay during the winter. Also, if a skunk is pregnant, it will look for a warm place to nest. There are different ways you can get the skunk to leave, two of which are listed below.

Try Mothballs

If you want to save money, there are things you can do yourself to get a skunk to leave. One of which is using mothballs. First, find where they entered the crawlspace and place mothballs into the entrance. Skunks hate the smell of mothballs and will likely leave. You may have to do this for a few days for it to work. You need to be careful as the skunk may start to spray when they smell the mothballs before they get out.  

Leave the area once you place the mothballs. The skunks may not leave if they see you. Also, if they do see you, they may spray if they feel threatened. 

Contact Pest Control

If the mothballs do not work, you should contact a pest control company that provides skunk removal. They can use traps to trap the skunk and then take it away from residential areas. This is a humane way since the skunk will not be killed. If the skunk has babies, the babies will also be trapped and removed with the mother. 

If you do not care if the pest control company kills the skunk, there is poison they can use. The poison smells good to the skunk and may even taste good to them. Once they eat it, they will soon die. There is a spray the pest control company can use that is also poisonous and will kill the skunk.

The pest control company will get under your home to remove the dead skunk. After the skunk is removed, you can then start the process of taking care of the smell, if the skunk sprayed the area. The pest control company may also have tips on getting the smell out. It will likely take time for the odor to leave completely. 

Once you get the skunk out of your home find out how it got in and close these areas up. You may have more than one area so check thoroughly. Since the skunk got into your crawlspace, there is an opening large enough for them to enter. To ensure this doesn't happen again, you can put something like chicken wire behind the vent to prevent animals from getting in.

To learn more about skunk control contact a professional near you.