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Rodent Control: Why Hire A Pro When You Have Cats?

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While it may be true that having cats can keep you from seeing as many mice in your house as you might otherwise, there's no guarantee that simply having cats will keep rodents away. You should hire rodent control services to assist you in your quest to keep mice out of your home even with owning cats. Here are the reasons why.

Not all cats are mousers

Unless your cats live in the barn or exclusively live outdoors and feed themselves, they're not likely to be great mousers. They don't have to be — domesticated cats that are used to being indoors and having a meal placed in their dish on the regular might still chase and nab a mouse or two if they came across one, but likely won't hunt mice down as instinctively as feral cats will.

Even if you have feral cats, they might not be great mousers. Cats can also scavenge and eat other foods, so even if they do have a desire to hunt and kill rodents, you will still have a mouse or two slip by. Rodent control services, on the other hand, only focus on eradicating the pesky mice you don't want on your property and will work to not only remove the mice you have but show you how to keep future mice at bay.

Not all cats kill mice

Say every cat you own catches every mouse they see. Even then, there's no guarantee the mice actually have died, and they may even be let loose maimed in the house. This isn't a good thing, since it means not only you can still have mice in your house, you might have dying mice in your house. Cats often play with their food and if your cats are showing you a single dead mouse they've proudly caught, there's bound to be others that have gotten away.

Not all cats are protected

When your cats catch mice, they are susceptible to injury or disease from a single mouse. A mouse can pass worms or other parasites onto cats, and these cats can spread the same to other animals. If your cats are fully vaccinated, they may be less likely to be infected by a rodent, but don't take that chance and allow rodent control services to work on your mouse problem instead. This way, your cats can focus on just being cats and you can enjoy them knowing your rodents are still being taken care of by other means.

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