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Why Are Squirrels In Your Yard?

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Squirrels look like friendly creatures. They have soft fur, a cute, curly tail, and tiny claws. These animals fly through the air from one tree branch to the other, miraculously landing and scurrying on their merry way without missing a beat. Squirrels are fascinating animals to watch, but that doesn't mean you want them to be in your yard. Squirrels can be a nuisance and wreak havoc, chewing and gnawing their way through just about anything in order to get what they need — food, water, and shelter. If you have a lot of squirrels in your yard, you may wonder why there are so many and what is attracting them to your home. Read on for a few reasons they may be there and what you can do about it.

You Have Bird Feeders

If you have a lot of bird feeders in your yard, you're going to attract squirrels. Bird feeders are going to be used by more than just the birds around the neighborhood; squirrels will eat the mixed seeds in the feeders as well. If you have sunflower seeds in your mix, for instance, squirrels are going to want to get their tiny claws on them. You can try to keep the squirrels away by making it more difficult for them to get to your feeders, such as using a pole made to deter squirrels. You can also keep your feeders out of trees or easily placed areas where squirrels can climb onto them and get to the food.

You Have A Lot Of Trees

If you have a lot of trees in your yard, there's a good chance you have a lot of squirrels as well. Squirrels are going to use the trees for cover and for nesting. Depending on the types of trees you have, they may also be using them for food. For instance, if you have oak trees with acorns, squirrels are going to eat the acorns. If you have walnut trees that grow walnuts, the squirrels are going to want to eat those as well. If getting rid of the trees isn't ideal, you can instead clean up your yard to get rid of the fallen acorns and walnuts that are laying in the grass to help with the squirrel population.

If you have an issue with squirrels in your yard and it's getting out of hand, you should hire a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests for you. To learn more, contact a company like Elite Wildlife Control.