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Mice: Say Goodbye To Them Forever

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As soon as the temperatures drop those small rodents who may have been comfortable making nests outside will start to think your warm home is looking better as the nights grow colder. This is why you want to be sure you are prepared to fend off those rodents as they try to penetrate your home. If they do come inside, you want to get them out as quickly as possible. A 'mouse in the house' isn't as fun as the popular kid's book makes it sound. In fact, it can be frustrating, unhealthy and unsafe. Here you will learn why it's important to keep them out, how to get rid of them fast and what to do if you find yourself in a situation out of your control.

Mice can squeeze in small places

If you see a very small crack anywhere on the exterior of your home, you are looking at a potential entrance for small rodents that needs to be repaired. All of the vents outside and even those on or near the roof need to be in great condition and should have screens inside of them to prevent mice from using them as access ways. Don't feel safe even after you feel you have taken care of the entrances you found, mice can always chew a new entrance. This means you should always be on guard and watching out for small holes that suddenly appear anywhere around the home.

Mice cause many problems

Yes, mice will more than likely raid your cupboards and chew through food boxes to eat the food. They will also leave their dirty droppings in the cupboards. However, they can be much more destructive than this. They can also eat away at the wiring in your home causing dangerous electrical concerns. Plus, mice can have diseases like rabies. Their droppings can also spread a disease called hantavirus when you go to clean the droppings up and the air is stirred. Rodent dropping dust can also be bad for asthmatics. This is why you should wear a mask if you find yourself cleaning up rodent droppings.

Mice are smart

You may want to try a variety of rodent traps should you find proof of rodents inside the house. However, be prepared for those traps to not work. Rodents can be very sneaky, and many times will figure out how to remove the food in traps without setting them off.  Oftentimes, the best way to rid your home of rodents and keep them out is to turn to those specially trained in exterminating them. By having an exterminator come out, you will know the mice are gone. They can also give you insightful information on preventing problems in the future.