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3 Signs Of Termites In Your Home

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Termites are one of the most destructive pests that your home can suffer from, as their appetite for wood and other organic products means that they can cause a great deal of structural damage to your home which can be expensive and complicated to fix. Fortunately, there are a number of red flags associated with a termite population in your home that you can watch out for to catch and stop these pests before an infestation takes hold.

1. Sawdust and Wood Particles

The clearest and most obvious sign of a termite presence within your home is if you find that there are piles of wood dust and particles around your home. This is caused by tunneling in nearby wooden surfaces, so the best way to determine where exactly your termites may be located is to tap lightly against any surfaces near these collected piles of sawdust. If any wooden surfaces feel spongy, make a hollow tapping sound when you hit them, or even, in severe cases, crumble inwards. Keep an eye out for visible holes or openings which may serve as the start of a network of termite tunnels in your home as well.

2. Mud Tunnels

Beyond actual holes in the wall and damage to wooden structures, you should also watch out for tunnels made out of dirt and mud that are constructed against the side of your home, most commonly against an exterior wall, but sometimes appearing in your basement or along the inside of a wall elsewhere in your home. These mud tunnels are used to dispose of waste and to transport termites: they are effectively highways for termites, and their presence points to a large termite population within your home that needs to be dealt with. Avoid removing the tunnels, as this can spill bugs out: let a professional deal with them.

3. Wings and Shell

Finally, another clear indication of termites that have set up their homes somewhere within your house is if you notice that there are multiple loose wings, bug shells, and other bug body parts strewn about your floor and house. Termites shed their wings after reaching maturity and will also shed their shells and other body parts due to injury and age. This means that a collection of bug debris all points to a large and growing population of termites within your home that has had the opportunity to breed, age, and create a substantial amount of organic debris.

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