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3 Reasons To Get Rid Of Old Stumps In Your Yard

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Cutting down a tree is expensive, so many people choose to leave the stump to cut costs. Unfortunately, leaving old stumps in your yard can cause many problems, such as pest infestations inside your home. If you don't think you need to get rid of that stump, check out these three reasons you should.

They Attract Pests to Your Home

Pests are just dying to get inside your home because it provides comfort, protection and food. Keeping a stump in your yard attracts more pests to your yard, and the more pests you have in your yard, the more likely they are to invade your house. This is particularly true if the tree stump is near the house. Unfortunately, a lot of bugs are attracted to the rotting wood of a tree stump because they eat wood, including any wood used to build your home. The best option is to get rid of the stump, but until you can, monitor the pests and keep the exterior of your home clean from other plants and debris, which could attract and offer protection or food to pests.

They Promote New Growth

Tree stumps also promote new growth, which can also attract more pests to your yard. As tree stumps rot, they release a lot of nutrients, promoting new plants to grow on and around the stump. This doesn't just include random flowers, shrubs and weeds, however. It also includes regrowth of the tree. The tree may actually start to grow again out of the stump. Depending on why you had the tree cut down in the first place, you may not want another tree to grow there. Either way, you likely don't want a bunch of random weeds and plants growing and altering the aesthetics of your property.

They Are a Hazard to Children and Visitors

Lastly, tree stumps can pose a hazard, particularly to children and visitors. While it's hard to miss a big tree directly in your path, a stump is less noticeable because it's so low to the ground. While an adult living in your home may remember where the stump is, children playing or visitors unfamiliar with the yard may trip over the stump, leading to injury and possible lawsuits.

Having a tree stump in your yard is an open invitation to pests, new growth and injury, so you need to get it removed fast. If you've already had your tree stump removed but you think it's attracted pests to your home, contact a pest or rodent control specialist in your area today.