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Get Rid Of Those Ants

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If you have a hard time keeping ants from taking over your kitchen, then you want to take proactive steps to turn your kitchen into a place they don't find as appealing. Also, if they do still decide to be stubborn and make their way into your kitchen, then you want to know how to kill them without spraying toxic poisons around the areas where you and your family members prepare your food. Here is a helpful article that will assist you with getting your kitchen back from those little pests:

Sweep and mop your entire kitchen floor daily

If you are like most people, you probably don't sweep and mop the kitchen floor every single day. However, when you are trying to fight off ants, it may be a necessary step you want to add to your list of daily chores until you get a handle on things. Otherwise, ants will continue to be drawn to those little crumbs that find their way onto the floor throughout the day.

Wipe your counters down after every use

Each time you cook something in the kitchen there is the chance that you are dropping crumbs so small that they won't catch your attention, but they will catch the attention of ants looking for a quick and easy meal. This is why it's good to get in the habit of wiping the entire area down each time you make anything in the kitchen.

Clean up after you kill an ant

When you find a lone ranger ant in your kitchen and decide to kill it, you want to make sure you clean that area with a cleaner. Ants will let off a scent when they die that will capture the attention of other ants who will then come in to retrieve the deceased ant's body. By cleaning the area where you killed the ant with a cleaner, you will be preventing the other ants from coming in after it.

Sprinkle cinnamon around the edges of your counters

Ants don't like cinnamon and they will, in fact, try to avoid it. Therefore, sprinkling a thin line of it around the edges of your counters, up against the wall, can help you to fend them off.

Call for professional help

If you aren't able to keep the ants from coming then you can have an ant pest control company come out who can help you by getting them out of the yard and stopping them from making their way inside.