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3 Common Spiders You May Find In Your Home

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When you think of spiders, you often think of the poisonous, frightening species. Spiders are common in the home and can be eradicated with the assistance of a pest control expert. Learning about 3 different types of spiders you are likely to see in your home can help you understand these 8-legged creatures a little better so you best know how to get rid of them.

House spider

As the name implies, this is a common spider found in the home that makes large cobwebs in upper corners of ceilings. A non-aggressive spider, this creature may only bite when threatened or accidentally disturbed from their hiding place. Females are larger than males with large abdomens, and this spider is dark brown with long legs. You may find this spider scurrying from under furniture or tucked away near floorboards as they attempt to remain hidden while they hunt for insects.

Sac spider

This type of spider loves the outdoors and soil, and is more likely to be found near your home than actually in it. This small yellowish spider can find its way indoors via cracks in door frames or windowsills or may be drawn into your basement or crawlspace if they are moist enough. These spiders are night dwellers who don't usually create webs. Rather, they hide inside little homemade 'sacs' they prepare for protection.

Jumping Spider

The jumping spider is a compact black arachnid with small white or gray spots, known for its incredible jumping skills. Harmless and non-aggressive, this spider will often dwell in kitchens and upper living room window areas where they can snag a quick meal. You may also find these spiders crawling on the floor in the open, hopping about from one surface to another. Undisturbed, these spiders will simply crawl around the house, but can become a nuisance when they grow in numbers.

Spiders typically do not wish to cause harm to humans and only bite when they are threatened, but they can be frightening and create irritating webs that get abandoned all over your home. Since you will normally find these spiders in areas that are not commonly used, such as a guest room, basement, or attic, you will want to keep these areas free of clutter and debris that they may wish to use as a nest. If you have a spider problem or fear you have toxic spiders in your home, talk to a pest removal specialist for assistance.

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