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Signs Of a German Roach Infestation

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If you have a neighbor whose home has been invaded by German cockroaches, you may wonder whether or not the insects have also infested your house. There are signs that can indicate the presence of the pests. Here are a few of them:

Empty Egg Sacs

Sacs that resemble tiny brown pills may be found around the cabinet corners or other dark spaces within your kitchen or bathroom. Once empty, the light-brown sacs have a translucent appearance and are easily recognizable as a type of insect encasement. 

The egg sac of a German cockroach may be small, but that is no indication of the number of eggs in contains. Up to 48 eggs can be present in a single egg sac. Since this type of cockroach breeds often, especially in warm weather, one egg sac can quickly lead to a large infestation of the bugs.


German cockroaches emit a smelly odor due to their secretions. If your home has already been invaded by a significant number of roaches, you may notice an unusual stale or musky odor in areas where many of the roaches reside. The secretions can even affect the flavor of foods.


One of the most obvious signs of a German cockroach infestation is the sighting of a roach. Roaches are more likely to be seen at night. In addition, they tend to reside most often in kitchens and bathrooms, due to the presence of a water source. Roaches require water more frequently than food.

German roaches are small compared to other roach species, such as American cockroaches. In fact, they are only about a half inch in length. In addition, they have two dark lines that run from the head of the insect to the wings. Although a German cockroach has wings, it is not typically able to fly. 

Pepper-like Feces

If a population of German cockroaches is in your home, you may notice tiny droppings in dark corners. The droppings may appear similar to sprinklings of black pepper. 

What can you do to eliminate German cockroaches?

It is important to keep your home clean and free of edible debris when trying to rid your home of German cockroaches. In addition, you should ensure that your faucets do not drip. Also, insecticides in the form of gel baits may be effective. 

If you have discovered German cockroaches in your home, contact a professional pest control specialist like Bug Stompers, inc.  to help eliminate the bugs.