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4 Methods To Keep Paper Wasps From Coming To Your Property

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As a homeowner, you should take measures to prevent paper wasps from making a home on your property. Although paper wasps are not a species prone to attack for no reason, these wasps will sting when threatened and can cause a lot of pain or an allergic reaction. Instead of waiting for an infestation of paper wasps to occur, it is best to focus on prevention with the following four methods below.

Seal Off Potential Points of Entry

Since paper wasps like building their nests under shaded areas, homes make the perfect nesting ground. In order to protect your home, you should invest in sealing off any exterior cracks or broken siding. It may not be possible to completely protect the exterior of your home from being a potential nesting location, but you should have success when combined with other prevention methods.

Hang Imitation Nests

An excellent way to keep paper wasps from going on your property altogether is by hanging imitation nests. Paper wasps are territorial, so they are not likely to start looking for a nesting spot on your property when they believe one is already there. A free way to do this is to hang a paper bag and stuff it with newspaper to make it as close to an umbrella shape as possible, which paper wasp nests often look like.

Maintain Your Fruit Trees

While fruit trees can be great to have on your property because of the annual fruit yields, paper wasps are also attracted to them, especially when they are not maintained properly. It is important to minimize the amount of rotting fruit around your tree to keep the area from attracting nearby wasps.

Paint the Outside of Your Home

Wasps are attracted to certain colors, so you can use this to your advantage to eliminate the appeal of your home to them. For instance, house colors that should be avoided include yellow and white, and since wasps cannot see the color red, painting your home's exterior to red can be an excellent deterrent.

Using these tips should help you deter paper wasps from making a nest on your property. However, despite your preventative measures, you may find that a nest has formed upon inspecting your home. Contacting a pest control company, like Green Valley Pest Control Ltd, to let an experienced professional handle the situation is the safest and most effective way to get rid of a paper wasp nest on your property.